Adding happiness to life

Happiness. Everybody wants it, but only a few seem to have it?
Most people look in the wrong places for it. But us Goddesses, we know how to increase happiness in our lives, don’t we?

First of all, let’s remember that inner happiness is the real deal and that it always starts with your state of mind.
The right set of mind is imperative for a happy and fulfilled life. But sometimes it’s difficult, isn’t it? When life hits you, when negativity and toxicity surround you, when everything just seems to be going wrong… Well, in those cases, fight your urge to sink into despair and sadness and make an extra effort to do more of the following:

Practice gratitude

It’s difficult to be grateful when everything seems to be going wrong and you don’t want most of the things life is giving you. But, trust us, especially during those times, you need gratitude more than ever. Look past what is going wrong and make an extra effort to find things to be grateful for. Start with the little things. It can be the weather, a song you are enjoying, a friend who is always there, a nice movie or just the fact that you took 10 minutes to enjoy a walk by yourself. Be grateful for things you take for granted. Food on your plate, clothes, warmth…. Practice gratitude every morning. If you need an extra happiness kick, keep a gratitude journal that you fill out every night before going to bed. Try to add at least five things you are grateful for.

Help others, be nice, give back.

There’s a nice episode of Modern Love, where the girl says that, when the universe seems to take something away from you, you need to give more of that. So, if you are feeling especially unhappy and you feel no one cares and no one helps, be an example and do more of what you would like to receive.
So make an extra effort to give help to anyone who might need it. Give back. Even if you need money, try to give some to those who need it even more than you do. You will see, giving will not only make you happier, it will also move the universe towards giving you more back.

Pet a cat or a dog

Petting animals releases oxytocin in your body, also known as the love hormone. Fact is, you might not notice it, but petting an animal (whatever kind of animal), will soothe you and make you happier.
Isn’t this a great reasons to get a pet?

Eat well

Nutrition has a direct impact on your state of mind and happiness levels. Strangely enough, it is especially when you are sad when you crave sweets and junk food the most.
Do not let it get to you. Healthy nutrition allows your brain to release the chemicals you need the most to be happy. Get rid of bad eating habits. So rather get a smoothie, a freshly pressed juice or just get your favorite fruit.

Exercise and sleep

We know it’s not always easy, but it helps. You don’t need a lot. 10 minutes of any sort of exercise are more than enough to start making a shift towards happiness. So does sleep! Try to get as many hours of sleep as possible to get back on track. Having trouble sleeping? Try these hacks for a better sleep.


We are great advocates for meditation because all of the benefits it brings. One of them is happiness. Even if it means waking up 10 minutes earlier, find the time to be by yourself for at least 10 minutes and practice meditation. It is difficult at first, buy after one or two weeks you will start seeing a difference.

What is your go-to activity when you are feeling sad?

Author: miss_withania

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