World Kindness Day – Nov. 13

It’s world kindness day. A day to reflect about how we treat others.
And although we should be kind every day, today we would like to honor it by being extra kind.

The world kindness movement has now finally gained official status as an NGO under swiss law.

We would like to take a part at this and help kindness rule the world by trying to move to you to do have this day kindness on our mind and making it your priority for this day.

So whatever you do on November 13th, try making kindness your priority.
Say nice things to those you meet, pay for someones’s coffee, meal….. Help someone with an errand… Anything you can think of, you can do!

We also want to celebrate kindness on the Miss Withania Instagram and Facebook account. In the morning UK time, we will be posting the International Kindness Day image.

We would love for everyone to share with us under that post what act of kindness they have done, with the #InternationalKindnessDay.
Amongst all of the people sharing their kindness, we will be giving away 5 teas (Babymaker or Milkmaker, that’s your choice!)

So let’s go with kindness!

Author: miss_withania

The place for all Goddesses out there to gather together and let their inner light out. Show the world how amazing you are!

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