The Power of Almonds

These little seeds are more than they seem nutritionally – and your best ally to lose weight.

Everybody talks about walnuts (and we will, too), but do you know how good almonds are for you? They are highly nutritious and they also help you lose weight (or maintain it!)

Almonds for losing weight

When your nutrition is not balanced, your brain sends hunger and cravings signals, which most of the times means eating unhealthy (once again) and gaining weight. It’s like a vicious cycle that keeps going, but almonds are here to break it. Almonds signal your body that it is already full and make your cravings and hunger attacks practically disappear.

Benefits of almonds

28 grams of almonds (1 ounce) have the same amount of protein as a piece of lean meat. They also contain much more fibre than meat, which makes almonds an ideal food. The fiber in almonds aid your body not too store too much fat or calories.

Their oleic acid and monounsaturated fats content make them your best ally to reduce cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

The above mentioned 28 grams enclose 40% of the vitamin E and magnesium needed for optimum health and help you keep a healthy skin.

Apart from that, almonds stabilize your blood sugar and help you produce more energy

Almonds as a fertility food

From all the nuts, almonds are the most packed with fertility nutrients. Not just because of its high amounts of vitamin E (which also improves sperm quality, by the way), but also because of its content in zinc and L-arginine, which “feed” your reproductive system.

Almonds in your diet

The fastest and easiest way to integrate almonds into your diet is to prepare each week 7 little bags with 28 grams of raw almonds, so that you can eat them anywhere each day.
Stay away from everything that’s not raw, especially fried, salted or glazed almonds.

But you can also add them to your breakfast in a muesli or yogurt, your salad, or just have them as a snack. Either way, we recommend sticking to the 28 grams (1 ounce) and not more than that each day.

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