12 activities to train your intelligence and be smarter

Intelligence can be trained. The more we know and smarter we get, the closer we are to our goals and dreams. Take a look at these little every day things to help you get a bit smarter each day.


Just like exercise builds and grows your muscles, learning and mental training strengthens your brain, making you smarter. Intelligence is the new sexy. Intelligence will get you anywhere.

Of course for most of us learning every day is something hard to pack into our busy schedules. So we have selected a short list of things you can easily do every day that will help you strengthen your brain and help you go conquer the world:

  1. Drink water as soon as you wake up.
    It may sound silly, but your brain just spend many hours without any liquids and a dehydrated brain just doesn’t make the cut. Wanna notch it up? Make your very first drink warm lemon juice with cayenne pepper and curcuma. You will work on your brain and your body!
  2. Dedicate 5 minutes of your day to read a book summary.
    You can easily find a summary by googling book title + summary. There are also helpful apps like Blinkist to help you do this. Of course you should still read books, but this gives you an extra.
  3. Use commute time to listen to podcast or watch a TED talk.
    This will always teach you something new, broaden your horizons. TED talks can also be highly motivating.
  4. Use the last 10 minutes of the day to plan the next day.
    It will help you stay more productive and by organizing yourself better, you will find more time to learn. If you have the time, try keeping a journal, too.
  5. Avoid sugar.
    The downs after having eaten sugar make the brain work much slower. As always, sugar is never good.
  6. Take essential fatty acids.
    They feed the brain and make it work better. You can try with avocados and chia seeds, for example.
  7. Free time? Instead of watching TV, try playing a game.
    There are studies about this. While you are watching TV, your brain has no activity. But playing games, even if it’s a round of Mario Kart, activate your brain and increment its flexibility.
  8. Do sudokos etc.
  9. Spend time with people smarter than you.
    We like to think that knowledge is contagious. Try to meet new people and seek those who know far more than you.
  10. Do online courses.
    Sites like Coursera o FutureLearn offer a wide range of online courses for free. They are usually quite short and it is enough if you can give them 10 to 20 minutes a day.
  11. Try new things.
    Doing new things is the best activity for the brain. Maybe you can find workshops or group courses in your city where you can learn something completely new, like cooking or dancing
  12. Travel.
    What can we say? Travel opens your brain to new cultures and experiences. What can be richer than that?

Author: miss_withania

The place for all Goddesses out there to gather together and let their inner light out. Show the world how amazing you are!

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