Peaches, the fruit of youth

There is not enough talk about peaches, but this fruit is key to staying young and protect yourself from illnesses. It’s time for peaches to reach the spotlight.


Peaches come originally from China, where it was cultivated because of its youth and anti-aging benefits. Who knows? Maybe that’s the reason why Asian women always look that young?! They have been eating peaches for thousands of years already! 😉

Benefits of peaches

  • Anti-aging thanks to their high content in carotene
  • Protect you from cancer and Alzheimer. You can thank the carotene for that, too.
  • Less fluid build-up because of potassium
  • Its carbohydrates give you energy
  • Its high fiber content help you against constipation
  • Great in cases os osteoporosis, since they are good for your bones.
  • Rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2 y B6
  • Improve your coronary health and blood flow.
  • They are anti-inflammatory (they are also great if there is a fever)
  • Reduce anemia, because of its content in iron and copper

But its not only the fruit that is incredibly useful, but also its leaves and oil.

An infusion of peach leaves and flowers fight ulcers, constipation and they clearly improve morning sickness during pregnancy.
Peach oil is great to fight sore ears and significantly improves asthma and skin problems.

To be aware of when it comes to peaches

Unfortunately, peaches are one of the most contaminated fruits. This is because usually they are harvested green and then put into a gas chamber for 24 ours, where there are intoxicated with dangerous gases to make them ripe and look irresistible.

It is also important to know that most of their benefits is in the skin, so it is important to eat the skin as well. However, their skin absorbs everything, especially the toxic gases we just mentioned. So it is recommended to buy organic peaches when possible.
If you don’t like the skin, you can eat nectarines. They share benefits, but their skin is much easier to eat.

Since peaches are seasonal, you won’t find them during the winter. In that case, sun dried peaches without added sugar are a great alternative that keeps their properties.

Author: miss_withania

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