Tips to improve fertility naturally

Only women affected by infertility or those who are having issues to get pregnant know how much it can tear you down. When getting pregnant starts to become something that makes you worried and sad instead of something you look forward to with joy and excitement, it takes a hold on you.

But you are not alone. Millions of women around the world are faced with infertility or are having trouble getting pregnant. Sometimes health issues come into play and sometimes the cause remains unknown. Especially for the latter (but still to take into account for the former), here are a few tips to help you improve your fertility:

  1. Get a lot of vitamin D
    Not much is said about the importance of vitamin D in fertility, but the fact is that this vitamin is highly important for your fertility.
    Our body absorbs most of its vitamin D via sun exposure, but this absorption is interrupted once you use sun protection. If you live in a place that’s rather cold, we recommend staying in the sun whenever possible for at least 20 minutes. If you are lucky enough to live in a sunny place, use the first hours of the morning to expose part of your body for 10 minutes into the sun. You can also help supplement with fatty fish or eggs.
  2. Right nutrition
    One of the biggest problems nowadays is that most people don’t eat right.
    If you are struggling with fertility, the best thing you can do is start having the right nutrition. This means eating complex carbs (try whole wheat pasta and rice), avoid trans fats and eat mostly veggies and fruit. We recommend eating organic to avoid putting toxic substances in your body. Get only healthy fats (for example avocado) and be careful what type of fish you ingest. Farmed fish are usually filled with less desirable substances and others, like tuna, have a high mercury level. As for salmon, the healthiest option is wild Alaskan, which is not always available. Cut back on sugar. Our advice is to go as much raw and organic as possible.
  3. Fill your body with antioxidants
    Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals, this is also why they fight aging, amongst others. The best way to fill your body with antioxidants is by consuming foods with lipoid acid (potatoes, spinach and red meat), vitamin E (nuts, barley, wholegrain rice, green leafy vegetables), vitamin C (red peppers, broccoli, cranberries, citrus fruits…), CoQ10 (most abundantly in sea food) and Glutathione (fresh fruit and vegetables).
    As you can see, at the end of the day, it all falls back to eating plenty of organic fruits and veggies.
    By the way, most of these antioxidants also help improve male fertility!
  4. Control your weight
    Your weight has a huge impact on your fertility. Why? The biggest reason is that not only your ovaries produce estrogen, so das your fat tissue. If you have too much fat, you produce too much estrogen, which makes it more difficult to get pregnant. On the other hand, being underweight prevents your ovaries from producing enough estrogen, which also has an impact on your fertility.
    Being overweight also increases your risk of insulin resistance. All in all, being healthy is an important part of fertility and that includes your weight. You don’t need to look like a supermodel, just make sure you are not underweight or overweight, that’s all!
  5. Reduce stress
    The thing about stress is that sometimes you don’t even know you are stressed. And although it has been proven that stress per se does not cause direct fertility problems, it does cause behaviors that directly impact your fertility.
    How to deal with stress varies from person from person, but overall it helps to try and keep having a positive attitude and having some relaxing me-time.
    We always recommend meditation as an overall activity to improve quality of life and it will surely help reduce stress.
  6. Acupuncture
    Acupuncture helps boost fertility by reducing stress and increasing blood flow to the reproductive system, amongst others.  Studies have shown acupuncture to be helpful in many infertility cases.Find a good and reliable place you can trust to try this out or talk about this with your regular doctor.
  7. Quit smoking
    Smokers are more likely to have fertility issues than non-smokers, since cigarettes and the chemicals they have cause damage to sperm and eggs, but also to future embryos.
    Be also aware that passive smoking is almost as harmful as smoking itself, so try to not surround yourself with smokers or be in places where people smoke.
  8. Avoid intense exercising
    Although exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle and hence better chances to improve your fertility, intense exercise is not recommended. Too high an activity, like hard core spinning, for example, produce too many endorphins, which inhibits prolactin, interfering with ovulation. Do exercise, but do not push yourself too hard.
  9. Take wheat germ oil and carrot seeds
    Something you don’t read a lot out there, but both of these foods boost fertility!
  10. Drink Babymaker Tea daily
    Make yourself  one to three cups of Miss Withania’s Babymaker Tea on a daily basis. It is made from high quality fertility herbs. Yes, the taste is rather unpleasant, but a low price to pay to get pregnant! Fertility herbs do not taste that good, but they surely help when trying to get pregnant!
  11. Track your cycles
    It is recommended to not obsess about getting pregnant to avoid unnecessary stress. But as long as you’re keeping it cool and just working on getting pregnant, we recommend tracking your cycles. That way, you will be able to know the best times to have sex and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Tools like i.e. the Ava bracelet are great for tracking your cycle.
  12. Avoid lubricants
    Lubricants can be a great part of sexual intercourse, but most of them affect sperm and inhibit good natural fertilization.
  13. Lunaception
    Now we are getting a bit more “esoteric”, but worth trying nonetheless.
    With lunaception, you try to sync your cycles to the moon’s cycle, just as women used to have before civilization took a big part of nature away from us. This means you need to adjust light in your environment to improve melatonin production.
    Lunaception is supposed to help with several problems, including fertility in some cases.
  14. Eliminate emotional blocks
    Sometimes we have deep emotional blocks preventing us from getting pregnant without us even being aware of it. Stressing yourself only makes it worse. Meditation can help, but in some cases, therapy with a professional is the best way to go.
    Basically, you need to be at peace with yourself, with your body and your mind. Learn to love yourself first.
  15. Take Royal Jelly
    Royal Jelly is one of this magical superfoods. It is generated by worker bees and only Queen Bees are fed this their entire lives. Regular consumption of Royal Jelly has shown to help balance hormones. Studies show that Royal Jelly is helpful for many issues and in some cases helps to improve fertility. But please, we know it’s pricey, but make sure to inform yourself and buy high quality Royal Jelly. This is important for your health and for the planet. Remember that bees are essential to the planet!
  16. Avoid alcohol
    We all enjoy a glass of wine every now and then, but studies who that alcohol diminishes your chances of getting pregnant. Even drinking lightly can have an effect. And after all, you cannot drink while pregnant, so why not stop drinking now?
  17. Lay down after intercourse
    To give those sperms a little extra help, try lying on your back with your legs slightly up after having sex for at least 15 minutes. Please, make sure you relaxed and think about something else.
  18. Control your caffeine intake
    Just as with alcohol, caffeine also interferes with your chances of getting pregnant. Try other substitutes like guarana. And if you really need that morning coffee, at least try and keep with just with that one. One cup a day should be more than enough.
  19. Watch your iron intake
    Iron is that one mineral many women always struggle with, since we lose a lot of blood during menstruation. A lot of women need iron on a regular basis, others are more lucky and don’t.
    Studies have shown that women taking an iron supplement had a lower risk of ovulatory infertility.

Do you know any other natural tips? Let the rest of the community know in the comment section!

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